Friday, 2 October 2009

Jessup 2010's Compromis is out.

Aspatria and Rydal... In the tradition of keeping the parties to always have names beginning with A and R, as in Appellant and Respondent.

Read it and weep.

Download it here.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Dean's Cup Challenge: INTER PART 2009

Thanks to all who have done so much to make this happen.

See you next year.

Full report will be posted sometime this week.

Images by: Farhan Ariff

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The Dean's Cup Challenge Inter-Part Moot Competition 2009

The UiTM Moot Club's annual inter-part competition is back.

When: 5 - 6 September 2009
What time: 9AM onwards
Where: CempakaONE.. yes, the spanking new Moot Court.

As you are well aware, moots are rather complicated. you will need to get your hands on the moot problem, go through the grounds of appeal, research the law, write the submissions, prepare a bundle, submit both on the 1st of september, and come to the oral rounds where you submit your points with minimal hand gestures and bullshitting, support your arguments with reference to your bundle of authorities, observe court decorum and remember that there's no POI or drama-like objections.

Go bug the moot bench for more info in case you've finally decided to test ur skills handling judicial pressure and compiling research that will be envied by future conveyancing lawyers. Hehe..

p/s: You don't have to bring food. It's Ramadhan.

Download the Moot Problem here.

Monday, 17 August 2009

LAWASIA Moot Competition 2009

The competition was held on 8 and 9 August 2009 at the Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration (KLRCA). UiTM registered a record number of teams, i.e. 4 teams with 3 mooters each (12 mooters in total). The moot question concerned a dispute that involved a sunken wreck and a salvage agreement between the salvors and the government of Rolga.

At the first stage of the competition, there were 5 groups. Unfortunately, due to the luck of the draw, two of our junior moot squads were drawn to meet one another during this group stage. Anyway, by the end of day one, UiTM had three teams (plus one from ATC and another from UKM) that made it through to the final.

The next day, sadly, after all the final group stage matches had taken place, teams from UiTM finished third, fourth and fifth. Victory would have been sweeter but what the teams had achieved is remarkable considering that the anchor mooters (those who mooted the most) were first time mooters. I cannot help but to imagine what if I had planned our strategy differently and let the seniors anchor from the start. Anyway, the main purpose of entering the competition was for the junior mooters to gain experience. Thanks to the Bar Council and organisers (Mr. Raphael Tay) for accommodating so many teams from one university.

Congratulations to all the teams from UiTM. Also, congratulations to ATC (Champions) and UKM (Runner-up). Good luck in Vietnam for the international rounds.

Mr Raphael Tay, if you are reading this, any news on whether the third place team be going to Vietnam as well?

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Moot Workshop

Inter Part Moot 2009

The UiTM Mooting Club is looking for aspiring young mooters to be groomed and moulded to represent UiTM in future moot competitions.

For that reason, we will be organizing the Dean's Cup Inter Part Moot Court Competition and are calling upon interested and committed individuals to participate in the Moot Workshop and subsequently the competition.

For Part Four students, get that confused look off your face and come join us and prepare for that mysterious thing you know as mooting.

Date: 15th August 2009
Time: 9.00 AM onwards.
Venue: That brand new Auditorium.

For further info, please bug Elli at 017 379 3816. Or in case you don't fancy girls, contact Arif at 014 825 5669.

Click here to RSVP the Facebook event.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

LawAsia 2009

The writer is currently not on site, but the story goes that UiTM's LawAsia moot team is undefeated. Three of the FOUR teams that we sent will be going to the second round, meeting ATC and UKM.

Once all hearsay is clarified and the bunch comes home to Shah Alam with the full report, this blog will surely be updated. Maybe even with a few pictures.

So gambatte to the teams of Ika-Faez-Afif, Azin-Khairil-Rue and Shaq-Shai-Esah. Please kick some more behinds tomorrow.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

The day UiTM mooters scared the crap out of the n00bs

We are not telling you what happened behind the Moot Court's closed doors. Suffice to say, some of the juniors may have sworn to always bow when they see us.

And Azinuddin was very 'helpful'. Goes to show that you can never separate the club from the dictator. Ever!

And this was presented during the club promo, earlier in the afternoon. Afif talked about something. We didn't quite get him. But the newbies may have understood something. We saw some clapping for an encore from Afif (maybe. Or maybe they were just cheering his style).

Lame video. I know. It was done in less than half an hour. We lost the more 'gempak' video that was shown during last year's inter-part.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Ad Hoc Committee Interview

Ad Hoc (Volunteer) UiTM Mooting Club 09/10

The UiTM Mooting Club is calling for all law students who are interested in becoming one of the ad hoc committee members of the club.

An interview session will be held as follows:

Date: Monday, 13th July 2009
Time: 12.30 PM
Venue: C2 B02

Any enquiries, feel free to contact:
Elli, 017 379 3816

Thursday, 25 June 2009

LAWASIA Memorials

It seems that the absence of the team mascott has rendered this blog rather silent.

Be that as it may, the Moot Club is proud to announce that LAWASIA will be coming up in early August, and the team is working tirelessly to complete the memorials. Though the subject of marine salvage and treasure hunting seems a tad bit dark and unknown, rest assured that these psychos are up to it. Let's face it. When a client comes to with a bunch of issues you know peanuts about, you will just have to take the file, put on a face and say, "Sure.. I'll do it".

Same principle applies.

The Maritime mooters are sadly grounded from flying to Brisbane due to outbreak of the swine flu. It may sound proper to call it by its scientific name A(H1N1). But we do not care. There's always other competitions.

Which is why we are also happy to announce that UiTM will be sending FOUR teams to LAWASIA:

Team 1
Afif Bin Ahmayuddin - Bachelor of Legal Studies (Hons) Year 2
Hazralika Binti Hamzah - Bachelor of Legal Studies (Hons) Year 2
Faez Bin Abdul Razak - Bachelor of Legal Studies (Hons) Year 2
Dr Irwin U.J Ooi (Coach)

Team 2
Hilwa Nazifa Binti Bustam - Bachelor of Legal Studies (Hons) Year 2
Muhammad Danial Bin Mohamad Nizam - Bachelor of Legal Studies (Hons) Year 2
Azad Bin Akhbar Khan - Bachelor of Legal Studies (Hons) Year 2
Mazlina Binti Mahali (Coach)

Team 3
Mohd Shaqib Bin Shamser Mohd - Bachelor of Legal Studies (Hons) Year 3
Shairil Farhana Binti Ruslan - Bachelor of Legal Studies (Hons) Year 2
Siti Aisyah Binti Zainal Abidin - Bachelor of Legal Studies (Hons) Year 2
Ummi Hani Binti Maso'od (Coach)

Team 4
Mohd Azinuddin Bin Abdul Karim - LLB (Hons) 1
Muhammad Khairil Bin Khalid - Bachelor of Legal Studies (Hons) 2
Mohd Ruzaini Bin Zulkifli - Bachelor of Legal Studies (Hons) 3
Dr Irwin U.J Ooi (Coach)

In case you are coming to support, bring food.

Monday, 30 March 2009

LAWASIA Moot Team 2009 Auditions

The auditions were held at the Moot Court on 20 March 2009, 9.30 p.m. A record number of students auditioned for the squad, i.e. 13 (a lucky number for some of you). Thank you to all you brave souls for having the guts to face a bench consisting of Mr Nazim G Shaari, Pn Mazlina Mahali, Cik Ummi Hani and yours truly. Seven mooters were chosen for the team (in order of merit):

1. Hilwa Nazifa (Part 2)
2. Shairil Farhana (Part 2)
3. Shaqib (Part 6)
4. Muhd Danial (Part 4)
5. Azad Akhbar (Part 3)
6. Aisyah (Part 4)
7. Muhd Khairil (Part 1)

The unlucky six who just missed the cut:

8. Mohd Akmal (Part 2)
8. Darren Nicholas (Part 3)
(Both Akmal and Darren are tied for eight place)
10. Aminu Razif (Part 1)
11. Muhd Rahimi (Part 1)
12. Syamimi (Part 2)
13. Farid Afwan (Part 1)

For those who have made it, congratulations and good luck. You are about to embark on wonderful journey of intellectual and personal discovery ... and occasionally gastronomic adventure.

For the who missed the cut, do not give up. Please attend our workshops and do take part in next semester's Inter-Part Moot Competition, The Dean's Challenge Trophy. I am in the midst of dreaming up a devious question for you to handle. Please try out for the next squad.

Irwan Shah Abdullah

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

LAWASIA Update for UiTM mooters

I'm sorry if you were redirected here after googling LAWASIA. That is entirely Google's fault. But if you are a UiTM law student, then you've found what you're looking for.

The Workshop for LAWASIA kicked off around 9.30 with a 'Mooting 101' lecture by the Lifetime Dictator, Azinuddin Karim. Quite a bunch of people came, including a bunch of part-ones; which is a very good thing.

The not so good thing is that there are not as much female future mooters as I would've wished.

The Audition on the coming Friday is scheduled to 9.00 PM, as opposed to the time set out in the notice.

Therefore, we will see you at the Moot Court on Friday at approximately 9.00 PM.

Samples of last year's Jessup winning memorials can be obtained by clicking here and here.

p/s: Seriously, we need more female mooters.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

LAWASIA Mooting Competition 2009


Fellow Law Students,

The UiTM Mooting Club is looking for aspiring young mooters to represent UiTM in the LAWASIA Mooting Competition, scheduled on the 4th to the 5th of July this year.

For that reason, we are calling upon interested and committed individuals to participate as solicitors and subsequently audition as mooters for the said competition. Details of the audition are as follows:

Date: 20th OF MARCH 2009

Time: 3.30 PM


Those who wish to audition is required to attend a Moot Workshop to be held on 

Monday, 16th of March 2009 at the Moot Court at 9.00 PM.

RSVP at Facebook. Click here.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Maritime Audition Results

Official ranking are as follows:

1. Faez
2. Shaqib
3. Azad
4. Darren

The auditionees submitted before Dr. Irwin, Miss Ummi and the original Maritime Mooters, Rijalul Fauzi and Adzim Amir. 

Work on the memorials will start next week. You people are encouraged to lend a hand and become solicitors.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Maritime Moot Audition

Date: 6th March 2009

Time: 9'ish (okay.. 9.30 approx)

Venue: Moot Court, Faculty of Law UiTM

If you belong to Part 4 and below, come and try your luck.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Car Sticker

You are very well aware that UiTM law students like to drive to class. They have cars to the point that there isn't enough parking space.

In the light of them having cars, what better way to show their sense of belonging to UiTM, the law faculty and the Moot club than by parading the Moot Club car sticker.


Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Market Analysis Closed

The survey conducted on facebook with regards to the programme 'So, You Wanna Be A Lawyer?' has officially come to an end. Results are as follows:

Interested: 43
Maybe Interested: 49
Unable to join: 40
Didn't bother to reply: 38

Invitation sent out: Lost count.

Therefore, since most of the Moot Bench was occupied with Jessup and will be occupied with Maritime, it is then suggested that the above event be conducted in conjunction with the Inter Part Moot Competition, otherwise known as the Dean's Challenge Trophy next semester. Maybe somewhere in August.

Just keep your eyes out for the poster.

Yes, it will be even prettier than the AGM's poster.

p/s: What do feel about a whole week of lawyering business? 'So, You Wanna Be A Lawyer' plus a moot workshop, and maybe even a weekend of fun and games (Guitar Hero and bowling tournament for instance) in an event called "Mootness"? Drop us a line.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Maritime Moot 2009 alert!

Next monday we will kick off with a short course on carriage of goods by sea delivered by Dr. Irwin at the Moot Court around 9'ish'. It will be continued on Wednesday and be concluded on Friday. The short course will cover the basics of which will be dealt with in the moot problem. Inter alia, time charters, vessel seaworthiness etc.

Those of you who are interested to become a solicitor for Maritime are most welcome to join the class. Work on the memorials will begin the week after.

So the schedule for the carriage lecture specifically for the Maritime Moots are as follows:

Date: 2nd, 4th and 6th of March 2009.
Time: 9.30 onwards*
Venue: Moot Court*

*subject to change

There is also a vacancy in the Maritime Squad. Yes, only one. Therefore an audition will follow shortly after the last lecture on Friday. We are looking for female mooters. However, we do not mind if it's a male who makes it. It will be boring with only one girl in the team.

Details are as follows:

Date: 6th March 2009
Time: tba
Venue: Moot Court

Any questions regarding the Maritime Moots, feel free to click the link on the right hand side. Any question about the squad, feel free to bug Dr. Irwin.

Oh, did I mention that IMLAM 2009 will be held at the University of Queensland; Brisbane?

Yes kiddies... We fly on the 1st of July. We fly back to Malaysia most probably on the 8th of July.

Go google Brisbane.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Jessup... dear Jessup

We didn't make it into the final rounds.

We are saddened.

We shall go to Brisbane to mend our broken hearts.

4 Charter-Parties, one grounded ship, stupid Master, no dry-docking clause, and a screwed up arbitrator.

Sounds much more fun than Jessup.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Cheer Squad Trip

The club is organizing a trip for you fellas who would like to watch the Jessup Moots in Universiti Malaya.

Be forewarned that we are not allowed to scout or sit in other teams' session. So you will only be allowed to sit in team UiTM's moot session. Which will be a problem since UM's moot courts are cute. So there wont be much seats.

So we are limiting the trip to only 20 participants. That plus the other people who are part of the cheer squad will keep the UM moot courts occupied.

The bus leaves at 8.30 AM on Friday, 20th February. Find the name list at the Cempaka buildings. If it's full.. then, get a ride in someone's car. We need all the support we can get. Thank you.

p/s: No pom-poms allowed.

Friday, 6 February 2009

AGM Results

New Moot Bench Line Up:

President: Rue

Vice President: Afif

Secretary General: Aisyah

Treasurer: Elly

Thank you all who had made the time to come to the AGM. Thank you for your support. Do continue supporting the activities of the club in the months to come.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Maritime Moot 2009

The moot problem has been out for quite some time. However due to some problems, the club decided not to pursue this year's competition.

But since the Dean has given her word to help out with the financial aspects of the moot, we may be able to send a team. This year's moot will be held in the TC Beirne School of Law, University of Queensland.

Interested to read the moot problem? Click here. 92 pages long.

Even we got scared.

Work on the memorials will start promptly after Jessup. Submission is by April.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Proposal 02: Annual Grand Dinner

From the Moot Club discussion board on Facebook.

"I am talking about food, fun and fuzziness associated with prize giving and appreciation. Grand dinner la konsepnya....

It has been delayed for tooooo long. n rue and I have mooted (ironic giler) the idea of having it at the end of semester. maybe lepas exam. atau sebelum study week.

there are only two issues: money and venue.

financial wise, there are rumours of pending sponsorship which will be pushed for by the new moot bench.

what i want to really survey here is: WHERE DO WE EAT?

After extensive googling. I limit my proposed venues to only TWO.

the first being Soul-ed Out... located in Desa Sri hartamas. they cater for events and by the looks of it, they are a friendly and quirky bunch. just like we are. see more by clicking here: (food looks excellent)

the second being the empress cafe, depan the laundry bar. kat the curve. very stylish cafe... nice food. and we can all come after watching a movie or sumthin.

that is my idea la basically, since the dinner (in my point of view) should be rather informal and never uptight with protocols. it sucks. period!

now with a new and fresh moot club in mind... what would be your honest opinion.

p/s: i would also propose that we call the dinner: 'The Moot Meat'. cute huh?

now... respond fellow moot-clubbers. please and thank you."

Respond by clicking here: Discussion Board | Dinner Survey

Saturday, 31 January 2009

Proposal 01: "So, you wanna be a lawyer?"

It is not a question. But a programme that may/will be proposed to be held on Friday the 13th (March) for all students of UiTM's Law Faculty.

It is basically a one day event filled with a conference, tea-time talk, and a proper sit-down dinner.

SYWBAL will address those questions you've had in mind since the very first day you decided to join the profession while watching Ally McBeal or Boston Legal.

It will open your eyes to the rigours of the lawyering business, and the fun underlying the tedious paperwork, litigation and court appearances.

It, by all means; would not be your typical induction Q&A session, with you posing questions such as: "Lawyer punya gaji berapa?"

Interested? Look out for the poster sometime next week (after the AGM). Partipication may be limited.

The Lachs Moot

The-what-moot? Space?

Why hasn't UiTM participated in this one?

"The Lachs Moot began in 1992 and is organised annually by the International Institute of Space Law (I.I.S.L.).  Each year, the winners of the Asia Pacific, European and North American Regional Rounds compete in the world finals, held in conjunction with the annual International Astronautical Congress and the Colloquium on the Law of Outer Space.

The Lachs Moot has the distinction of having its world final judged each year by three sitting members of the International Court of Justice.

To participate in the Lachs Moot, 2 to 3 committed law students interested in expanding their knowledge of international law and gain valuable international mooting experience are all that is needed.  According to past participants, coaches and judges, the Lachs Moot is an enjoyable experience for all involved."

Never heard of it. You?

Something for the new Moot Bench to ponder upon post-AGM.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Annual General Meeting 2009


The UiTM Mooting Club
Annual General Meeting 2009

Date: 6th February 2009*
Time: 2.30 PM until event ends.
Venue: Cempaka 2, room C2 102.

*subject to change

Monday, 19 January 2009

Training begins

Monday. 19th January 2009. Around 8 PM, at the Moot Court.

The Jessup Mooters begin their oral training.

Tuan Hurman gave them the theme for this year's Jessup.

SWAGGER! (With the British accent)

He promises to teach them the smirk.

Zin and Rue (the vets) will be on the Respondent side. While Din, Ika and Afif will alternate between them on the Applicant side.

They have about a month.

Pray that they stay strong and focused.

There's no turning back now.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Jessup Update

The new National Administrator for this year's competition is Assoc Prof Dr Azmi Sharom. If you have not heard of him before, then you must been lost in the Amazon rain forest for the last few years. He has a hugely popular column in the Star (Malaysia). He is a rare personality among civil servants because he has the courage to speak his mind in public. The administration of this year's competition will probably be very interesting. Further information for the members of the Azmi Sharom appreciation club, 'yes' he still does have his pony tail. By the way, the memorial team is putting the finishing touches on the memorials as both of these must be submitted by Monday, 12 January 2008 (This is a hint to the memorial team to expedite matters).

Irwan Shah Abdullah