Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Part One Induction

An induction programme was made for the noobs of BLS today. Three reps from the club became facilitators and one had been allowed to ramble and promote the club in front of the 180 or so noobs.

He had in fact forgotten to mention about the blog and the Facebook group. However, he was given a second chance during the end of the induction and had promptly seized the opportunity to tell them noobs to google the club.

He hopes that at least a handful of them would submit to the will of the club. For there will always be food for those who fancy research and lawyering business.

As the joker who represented the club had managed to waffle during his pathetic speech, "The business of the club is built upon three Ms. Moot, Memorials, and Makan."

He was corrected by Dr. Irwin. The Three M's should in fact be: Meat, Meat and Meat.

Pity those who join this club. They are bound to be fed (fat?).

Let's just see how many will turn up for the AGM.

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Wikipedia Link

I was surfing the net (obviously) and I was checking out the traffic of this site when suddenly I realized there was an incoming traffic from a link within Wikipedia.

Being the curious dude that I was, I clicked and searched, and lo and behold..

Under the above article, the Moot Club is enlisted as follows: 

UiTM Malaysia Law School has many students’ societies and clubs to help the students to be more independent, resourceful and all-rounder individuals.

  • Sekreteriat Mahasiswa Fakulti (Faculty Students Secreteriate)
  • Mooting Club [2]
  • Law Debating Club
  • Students' Community Law Club (SCLC)
  • Environmental Law & Awareness Club (EnLAC)

More importantly; there's a link from Wikipedia (the [2] next to the club's name) to this blog.



Pardon the pun?

Mr Edward 'Teddy' Bearrister has done it again. Moot Club, ... Meat Club, ... for the people who know the social and gastronomic habits of the club members know that it is the 'same difference' (to use a famous phrase). I suppose this page will also be used to document the culinary adventures of the Moot / Meat Club ... so no vegetarians allowed!

Irwan Shah Abdullah

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Join the Moot Club!

As most of you would probably have noticed, results are out. That basically signals the beginning of a new term.

New term is then logically followed by a bunch of younglings affectionately known as noobs. These noobs will come to you seniors asking "What activities can I join while being held captive in this dreaded faculty?", or "What kind of associations or clubs do the law students join?" or, the old time favourite, "Bro, what the heck is mooting?".

So guide them babies over to the Moot Club. All you really need is a thirst for the lawyering business and a Facebook account.

Why Facebook?

Well, it has occurred to us that there have been complaints that the club's activities are not widely made known to the public, there's not enough notices, they can't see them notices, and again the all time favourite, they don't even know what the heck it is in the first place. So, by having the club on Facebook and Blogger, these geniuses will have less to complain about. Activities and updates will be made known via the group's message board. And further complaints can be made via the group's wall. Plus, for those who really care, they can start reading the blog and maybe post a little something in the comments section.

Anything else I missed?

Oh yes, the AGM. Well, honestly we have no idea.. yet.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

New Group on Facebook

Seems that there are a few of our friends who can't join the former group on Facebook because it was set to allow only people from the Malaysia network.

Some of us, seem to like being globally networked; rendering then unable to join the club.

Now they can. And I humbly invite you all to migrate to the following club's link:

Monday, 15 December 2008

Sorry Mickey and Minnie...

We lost against ATC. Though in a state of denial, we don't really feel sad. We had fun; which was the only thing we had in mind when deciding to join IHL at the very last minute.

ATC will be representing Malaysia to Hong Kong. They will carry and pass our love and affection to Mickey and the gang at Disneyland HK.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team will report to AL529 to finish what is left to be done for the Jessup memorials.

One moot after another... Seriously. We need a life.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

IHL Finals

We are currently in UM, training for the finals against the prosecution team of ATC.

The defence team (Zin and Tammy) is making their final preparations. They were the only defence team which got more than 700 total marks. The prosecution team (Izmil and Alia) were only 6 marks behind the top prosecution team (ATC).

It is the submission of these people that it would be unlikely for the organizers to allow both teams from the same university to meet at finals. It would be utterly unfair.

Pray for us.

Somebody is dreaming of a trip to Hong Kong.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

IHL Update

However tempting it would be to ramble on the events in the Moot Court; I am sad to inform you that these activities are classified.

Thanks for caring, by the way.

We can't have other teams snooping around. Right?

Thursday, 4 December 2008

IHL & Jessup Status Update

Around 10 PM of the 2nd of December, we successfully submitted both briefs for the Prosecution and Defence. Alhamdulillah.

Today around 3.00 PM reps of the team will be going to ICRC (in the same building with Skrine) to draw lots and exchange memorials.

Meanwhile, Jessup memorials have kicked off with the first, third and fourth ground in full motion. The second ground is lagging quite a bit due to the hold up caused by IHL. Will get that part moving once the blokes doing that part comes back from Penang and Seremban respectively.

Sunday, 30 November 2008

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Official Audition Results



The names in bold are the mooters.

Update: A decision to join the IHL Moot Competition was done post audition.

Monday, 24 November 2008

And so it begins

Public International Law can never be understood within six hours. Learning about the ICJ, IHL, UN, HR, use of force etc. is a lot to digest in one day. Kudos to those who got A for both IL One and Two papers. IL is indeed complicated stuff.

So the Jessup team met today at AL529 and was given a crash course on what is public international law. Thank you Miss Ummi, Puan Fidah and off course Dr. Irwin for sacrificing their time for the team, and ultimately for UiTM for that matter. They are indeed very committed educators.*ehem.. (Dato VC are you reading this?)

We kicked off with a dose of introduction to the ICJ, the UN, and the use of force. Lunch. Prayers. And another dose of IHL and human rights before adjourning to the computer lab to look at the relevant sites for research purposes.

Talking about IHL, it saddens us that we may be (truly are) unable to send a team to the IHL Moots since the memorials are to be submitted on the 2nd of December. So, sorry ICRC.

Tomorrow will be consultations for the auditions and a taste of the Moot Club tradition after all is done. 

A note on the auditons on the 26th. It will start around 2.00 PM before a bench of three adjudicators. Court room attire.

Have fun. It is ultimately, just a competition.

Friday, 21 November 2008

Moot Club on Faceebok

So the people writing this blog got extra bored and coined up the idea to put the club on Facebook; since everyone and their mothers are tinkering their Facebook accounts every now and then.

So, if you are interested, please join the group. Otherwise, it will remain to be the lonely sad group that it already is. Search for it in the 'Groups' section of Facebook. Or if you don't fancy too much typing, click here.

As the current president of the club likes to say, "This club is a niche society. The lesser people to work with, the better. More food for us."

The club is currently waiting for the 24th.

The club is also waiting for the 25th, which is a Tuesday. UiTM mooters love Tuesdays.

Friday, 17 October 2008

IHL Moot

I am currently struggling to search for the moot problem (IHL) on line. Beats me whether it is available online or not in the first place. The hard copy is said to be in the hands of Pn. Azlena.

However, extensive googling has resulted in the additional links on the right. Feel free to browse through. There might be competition from USIM for Jessup this year. Wonder if UUM has decided to join the band-wagon. Also amazing to see how serious HKU takes mooting. UiTM only has a blog. They have a whole system.

Be that as it may, one question still lingers - Who's actually doing the preparation to actually host the national rounds? It bothers me that we are still vaguely sure of where and when we are supposed to moot. Potential mooters are currently making travel arrangements to spend the holidays with family members. It worries me.

Talking about vagueness, it so happens that there are openings calling for participation for the IHL moots which is purported to be held around the same time with Jessup. Would anyone be willing to surrender their necks to the IHL team? Jessup only needs 5 mooters. The solicitors can multi-task for both questions.

In case of any confusions or questions, please pester Dr. Irwin. You know where he is if he's not making green tea in front of his office. If you're intimidated by his cuteness, search for Pn. Rafidah or Miss Ummi. Though they are equally cute come to think of it.

Personally, the editor of this blog does not fancy moot competitions that doesn't promise free trips overseas.

Adieu. Till then.

Thursday, 9 October 2008


Le Compromis is out. About 32 pages long, and is quite a head-ache. Go download it here. Crash course for those who know peanuts about International Law will be held on the 24th, at around 10. Find us somewhere around the foyer.

25th is a Tuesday. *Grin*

Auditions will be held on the 26th. Feel free to try out. Don't worry if you've missed the meeting yesterday. You can always sell your soul to the Jessup team any time you want.

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Jessup Meeting

Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition

Interested to be part of the team?

Date: 8th October 2008
Time: 6.00 PM
Venue: Foyer Level 5, FUU UiTM

For more info, click here.

What the heck?

–adjective to discussion or debate; debatable; doubtful: a moot point.
2.of little or no practical value or meaning; purely academic.
3.Chiefly Law. not actual; theoretical; hypothetical.
–verb (used with object) present or introduce (any point, subject, project, etc.) for discussion. reduce or remove the practical significance of; make purely theoretical or academic.
6.Archaic. to argue (a case), esp. in a mock court.
–noun assembly of the people in early England exercising political, administrative, and judicial powers. argument or discussion, esp. of a hypothetical legal case.
9.Obsolete. a debate, argument, or discussion.
[Origin: bef. 900; ME mot(e) meeting, assembly, OE gemōt; c. ON mōt, D gemoet meeting. See meet1]
—Related forms
mooter, noun
mootness, noun
—Synonyms 1. disputable, disputed, unsettled. 4. debate, dispute, discuss.
—Antonyms 1. indisputable. 4. agree.

Law A hypothetical case argued by law students as an exercise.
An ancient English meeting, especially a representative meeting of the freemen of a shire. tr.v. moot·ed, moot·ing, moots
To bring up as a subject for discussion or debate.
To discuss or debate.
Law To plead or argue (a case) in a moot court. adj.
Subject to debate; arguable: a moot question.
Law Without legal significance, through having been previously decided or settled.
Of no practical importance; irrelevant.

[Middle English, meeting, from Old English mōt, gemōt.]