Thursday, 28 July 2011

Post LawAsia 2011, An Open Letter to Mr Raphael Tay

Dear Sir,

Thank you for organising another wonderful moot tournament. It has provided an opportunity for junior mooters to refine their mooting skills and adapt to the competitive atmosphere. More importantly, the moot competition is also a place to make new friends, well in advance of the future battles that they may face as opposing legal counsels in court.

There are two things on my wish list for the 2012 moot: First, each university has the right to send a maximum of seven teams. Second, Malaysia have three representatives instead of the current two for the international rounds.

Meanwhile, keep up with the great work and we are here to support you in anyway that we can. All the best for the international rounds and next year's competition.

Yours sincerely,
Irwin U.J. Ooi
Coach, UiTM's Moot Team.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011


A ‘step-up’ is how I view our performance in the LAWASIA Moot Competition 2011. Two out of 5 teams( Khairil’s and farhan’s team) qualified to the final rounds and one of them finished as the second runner-up with the highest total raw score for the final rounds. Two of our mooters (Khairil Khalid and Farhan Zafry)was listed in the top 5 of the entire mooters of the competition. More than that, some of the judges were also astonished with our team’s performance; most of us received personal encouragement, positive feedback and invitation to pursue internship and chambering from the bench. The two day competition revealed the fighting spirit that I’ve never imagined; we mooted tooth and nail, our legal acumen beyond the mediocrity level and on top of that, the most precious hidden treasure that we discovered throughout this competition would be the teamwork. Frankly speaking, mooting is not about personal achievement but it is the reflection of team dynamic and I was impressed with the high- level of understanding and mutual tolerance among the mooters.

It was amazing to see how our promising and future mooters- Farhan Zafry, Dayang Mazidah, Marlysa Razak, Hannah Nasir, Ellena Razif, Afif Daud, Zaidatul Aqilah and Asmarina Sakila worked from scratch with their impeccable research skill. They too,diligently improved their advocacy skills during the training session. The experienced mooters- Khairil Khalid, Arina, Alia Amran, Auzan Syaidi, Atiqah Razif and Fikri did well by providing guidance and support to the team. The strategy was tremendous - the uprising mooters laid down the basic ground and we- the experienced mooters, strengthened the ground firmly. Everyone played their role not only as a mooter but also as a moot team.

The most notable value during this competition would be the determination and zealousness to win. Personally, I was amazed to see that everyone took this task seriously; the mentality of training ground was totally vanished as everyone wanted to meet each other during the final rounds. Special mention to Alia Amran’s team; they won 2 rounds unanimously but their triumph was denied by the total raw score rules and up until now I still believed they deserved to meet Khairil’s team during the final rounds.

Words can’t describe on how these unsung heroes dedicated their tireless effort and endless time to the team: Dr.Irwin, Madam Mazlina Mahali, Miss Ummi and Mr.Iqbal. All of them deserved our utmost admiration and salutation. It is also noteworthy to give our respect and thankful to our captain- Khairil Khalid who postponed his trip to India just because for this competition. He is, indeed a dedicated and the most down-to earth captain I have ever worked with after Mama Shai. It is also paramount to mention that LAWASIA 2011 would be the final competition for my most charming and stylish co-counsel, Arina Lum. She disembarked her career as the UiTM mooter gloriously; I never felt her ‘ratu ’ effect since the IMLAM Competition 2010 and during this competition, this ‘WOW’ factor sparkled again and she elegantly turned down ATC’s dream to win during the preliminary match. Thank you for your one year sacrifice to UiTM Moot team.

Last but not least, it is an honour for me to moot with all of them- Khairil Khalid, Arina Lum, Alia Amran, Auzan Syaidi, Ellena Razif, Farhan Zafry, Dayang Mazidah, Marlysa Razak, Hannah Nasir, Afif Daud, Zaidatul Aqilah, Atiqah Razif, Zulfikri Ibrahim and Asmarina Sakila. When I was far from home for two weeks in order to complete this mission, they were indeed my family and it was a pleasure for me to share the time to eat, pray and moot together.

This competition would be another benchmark for us to moot beyond our present level as the stake will become higher from now onwards. We need to keep our faith and believe that we can beat any team- even the so called ‘immortal’ and unbeatable team in moot competition. The time of being inferior had lapsed; and now the other universities will feel intimidated with our participation in any competition. But still, never be arrogant to the humble and never be humble to the arrogant. Pay our respect to our learned opponents and praise them if we think they deserve to.

Last but not least,

‘’ Winning is not final, defeat is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts’’

Thank you for the outstanding achievement in LAWASIA 2011 and yes, the journey to glory continues!

Monday, 25 July 2011

IMLAM = Indeed Most Loved Avid memories

Tuesday, 5th of July 2011

As grand the beginning of the ordeal, as grand as the competition was, there shall also be a grand ending to IMLAM 2011. It doesn't take much to figure it out. When the table is set, a feast is dawning.

The Grand Dinner and the Prize Giving Ceremony of the International Maritime Law Moots 2011 was scheduled tonight. The premonition of the pleasant acquaintances and a hearty delicious meal, are all the reason the mooters need to excite themselves above and beyond to attend the grand dinner.

All of the 18 International Institutions had taken that step, that not all of us would have. The competition was fierce. The level of the competition was off the roof. The level of advocacy the participants presented, was extraordinary. Tonight, we all pat ourselves on the back for the good run we all had, and also, congratulate the exceptional winners of the various awards and prizes of IMLAM 2011.

The Final Results of the competition could be referred to through this link,

The MARA mooters donned beautiful and colorful traditional outfits. Mr. Auzan rocking a sleek Baju Melayu, while the proud ladies of MARA, Miss Alia Amran, Miss Atiqah Razif, Miss Hannah Nasir and Miss Ellena Razif were a sight to behold, in their gorgeous Baju Kurung. Exception to Mr. Fikri for his regretful forgetfulness to carry his Baju Melayu together for the trip. Yet, instead, he went on to try a failed attempt to dress like Alpacino in his later years.

The food was great and we couldn't be more thankful for the warm hospitality the organizers and the moot officials provided.

Eventually MARA was presented their certificate of participation by the Moot Director, Associate Professor Kate Lewins. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our mooters for their persistence and dedication.

During the evening, amdist all the congratulatory wishes, we also bid our farewells to the beautiful people of IMLAM that had made the competition a swell, enjoyable and outright memorable competition.

MARA with Universitas Gadjah Mada

Universitas Indonesia and Universitas Padjajaran. (Photo courtesy of Miss Ashila Reza from UPAD)

The Law School of Excellence (Dr. Ambedkar)

University of Goa.

Mr. David Martin Clarke. (Photo courtesy of Miss Aldila Mesra from UI)

The champions, Murdoch University.

University of Southampton and Queensland University of Technology

The beautiful ladies of IMLAM 2011

On one end, it was great to have congregated and just enjoy each others' acquaintances but it was heart-wrenching at the same time, to bid our goodbyes, and to part our ways.

As been told by our good friend Mr. Rifky and Mr. Dirgantara, what we feel right now, is what they call 'Galau' A state of mind of mixed feelings. Though it might have only been one week, but the bond we all had was steadfast. We all wished we had more time to spend together. In regards also to the fact that when we part tonight, it shall be a long time till the time we meet again.

I remembered telling them that, what I felt tonight was cheesy. But what touched my heart is when they told me, it is never cheesy or lame, if it came from the heart.

IMLAM is not only International Maritime Law Moots. It also stands for Indeed Most Loved Avid Memories.

How we traversed and held our grounds.

Monday, 4th of July 2011

The general rounds of the International Maritime Law Moot 2011 ends today. The MARA claimants shall go against the respondents of the University of Queensland, Australia.

The claimants, eager to go through the final session of the general rounds.

Again as expected, the bench was critical. The focal point of the moot was the issue of international conflict of law. There was extensive discussions and queries on justifications on the proposed law to be applied by both sides.

The MARA claimants persevered and never gave up the fight. They stood their ground and articulately answer the questions put forth against them.

After the deliberations, the arbitral tribunal had decided in the favor of the Respondents from the University of Queensland. Nevertheless, we couldn't have been more proud for the MARA claimants for their efforts, confidence and sacrifices.

After all the session for the general rounds had ended, the total scores of all the competing Universities were calculated. We all anxiously waited for the results. 'All' per se, means together with the lovely MARA supporters whom had gone the extra mile to be with the mooters in Singapore.

Our undying gratitude for all the MARA supporters. Your presence is welcomed, and utterly appreciated.

After a long period of waiting, it was time for the finale. However, MARA didn't break into the quarter finals. It was difficult but ultimately, the truth.

Amidst the results, the journey had been a blast. We have gained many great experiences and friendship. We are deeply grateful and proud of all the MARA mooters whom had performed in steel-stern valor, rock-hard confidence and stonewall-rigid perseverance. To all of our great friends from all other institutions, we take the greatest pleasure to have had your acquaintances.

We have berthed and discharged our obligations at the port of the Merlion. Fire up the engine, raise the anchors and fly the flag of MARA. We set sail. We set course to yet other opportunities to moot and learn the tools of the trade. Our dearest salutations to our Masters, Dr. Irwin and Miss Ummi Hani for their undying dedication. Looking back at it now, and in the future, we shall always remember, how we traversed and held our ground.

Putting all the cards on the table.

Sunday, 3rd of July 2011.

Today, the invigorating scent of competitiveness fills the corridors of the Eu Tong Sen Building in NUS's faculty of law. Both of MARA's esteemed respondents and claimants anticipate an enlightening moot round. In the morning session, MARA's respondents shall go against the esteemed Universitas of Gadjah Mada. In the later afternoon session, MARA's claimants go head to head against the University of Goa.

The learned counsels for the claimants, Miss Hannah Nasir, Miss Ellena Razif, Mr. Auzan Syaidi and our coach, Miss Ummi Hani, in full gear, full throttle, to triumph.

The first session between MARA and Universitas Gadjah Mada, was chaired by Mr. Werner Tan, and presided by Dr. Paul Holmes and Mr. David Martin Clarke himself. Our great and esteemed friends on the claimant's bench were Mr. Rifky Wicaksono, and Mr. Roichan Akbar. They were also accompanied by the rest of their team, namely, Mr. Dirgantara Adi, Mr. Eldo K. Alwi and Miss Vierna Tasya Wensatama. A great congregation of caliber and articulation indeed.

The session was a critical one. Questions were full of insights and substance. It was quite a handful. The arbitral panel were excellently versed with the questions and issues at hand. It was an arbitral force to reckon.

The claimants had indeed taken a different approach to the question and was very impressive indeed. Especially upon the part in which Mr. Roichan presented the claimant's quantum of damages. Great job nonetheless.

It was intense. The moment the tribunal settled for deliberation, and we exited the courtroom, the heat of the moot also exited.

The counsels, while awaiting the results, had a an extensive discussion on the earlier session.

All in all, the counsels all agreed it was a superb and enjoyable round. Most importantly, it was the beginning of a heartfelt friendship with the great individuals of Universitas Gadjah Mada.

After the long and extensive deliberation, the arbitral tribunal had decided in the favor of Universitas Gadjah Mada. It was a very close match as been stated by Mr. Werner Tan. Nonetheless, it was an enlightening experience to have sat with a thoroughly worthy opponent and critical and renowned arbitrators. For our great friends from Universitas Gadjah Mada, we wish all of you the best for your future endeavors.

In the afternoon, the MARA's counsels for the claimants took the day up a notch when they performed brilliantly in their first round against the University of Goa.

The bench was as critical as we had expected. The arbitrators were insightful and threw critical queries against the counsels from both sides. However, to our delight, the arbitrators though critical, they were more than pleasant to the bench.

Miss Hannah Nasir, and Miss Ellena handled themselves well. They were able to answer all the arbitrators' questions and articulated their thoughts vividly.

Appraisals were given to MARA mooters by the presiding arbitrator for their ability to remain poised and composed when the arbitrators steer them away from their tempo and submission.

Miss Hannah and Miss Ellena having a preparatory revision before the round in one of the many discussions room.

After the deliberations, the arbitrators had decided in the favor of the MARA claimants. A great triumph indeed. They had performed very well and deserved the win.

Its all smiles for the MARA claimants and we are all very proud for their success today. Today, we had put all of our cards on the table, and undoubtedly, MARA had gained many great experience, friendship and knowledge.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

A journey of a thousand miles, starts with a single step, or moot in a sense.

Saturday, 2nd of July 2011

This is it. The thrill that your heart races and ready to burst. The andrenaline rushes through out like an ocean tide, ravishing all in its path. Cold sweat runs down your face, and it drops as it dance in rhythm of the heartbeat. This shall surely come. It shall happen. Its inevitable.

12.oo noon, the team prepares themselves for the first leg of the prelims. The respondent shall compete with the University of Southampton in round 2B at 3.30pm.

Upon reaching the Eu Ton Seng Faculty of Law at NUS, the team first had an exquisite buffet lunch at the modernly furnished staff lounge at the faculty.The menu extends from Korean Grilled Chicken, and Italian Spaghetti bolognese. Superb indeed.

The team then proceeded to the discussions room at level 4 to calm our nerves in anticipation of the round to come. And to our delight, the seniors have serenaded us with their appearance. Special mentions to the seniors, Shairil, Izzat, Danial and also Hadi. Your attendance, was greatly felt, and utterly appreciated. Love you guys thoroughly.

3.30 pm, and all of us, in togetherness , entered courtroom 3 as we march onto the field of healthy intellectual trial. My learned friends, namely Oluwatobi Seriki, and Katherine Law respectively from the University of Southampton, is a force to reckon with. The competition was fierce. Both of the teams were equally competitive, passionate and convincing.

The round was set in a standard claimant 1 and 2, then respondent 1 and 2 setting. After all was said and done, the wise arbitral tribunal was left to deliberate. To our delight, and fortunately, the round was decided in MARA's favor. Alhamdulillah, and Praise be to God.

Nevertheless, this is merely a drop in the ocean the team must traverse. We pray avidly, and work diligently, that what ensues, mirrors our triumph today. All the best MARA. And to my friends from Southampton, all the best for your future rounds as well.

Onwards, to the next round!

Moot = Food = Acquaintance = Good.

Friday, 1st of July 2011.

In the morning, my learned friends proceeded to preside over nutritional rations duty. Simply put, they cook. The aroma entices, and hustle in the kitchen excites our hungry stomachs. On the frying pan, was Miss Alia, Miss Atiqah caters to ingredients, and Miss Ummi as the Sous Chef, monitors the procession. While waiting for the meal, the others went on to have a session with Miss Ummi. The by-product; Voila!. It was tresbien. Belissimo.

Come evening, the team headed off to the National University of Singapore, NUS, to attend the welcoming ceremony and the briefing. Upon reaching the Law Faculty, we were in awe. The exquisite Victorian exterior accentuates the aura of lex.

The briefing and welcoming speeches began around 5.50 pm in the evening. And what an astounding sight. People from all corners of the world had commiserated in unison. Indonesia, France, United Kingdom, India, Australia, Malaysia are some to mention.

After an enlightening experience in the auditorium, we were dismissed to have some finger-food and to do some ice breaking. Moot = Food = Friends = Good.

Great individuals, superb atmosphere. Tomorrow, the respondents shall begin on the first leg of the competition. MARA v University of Southampton, UK. Fret not, for the best is to come.

Friday, 1 July 2011

We dont sing in singapore. We moot

Thursday, 30th of June.

When the hands met at the face of time, it strikes 10.45 am and the team embarks to singapore. No indiana Jones antiques here. In the spirit of competitive mooting, and academical hunt, we brace ourselves.

It was quite a handful to thread through the urban landscapes of singapore. The delicate and hefty nature of our bundle of authorities adds to our demise. But, we all took it as an opportunity to further enrich ourselves with bodily fitness. At least in cardiovascular sense.

Though the experience of taxiing to Geylang was quite difficult and frustrating, amidst our worries, the residence had taken us in delight. Its nicely furnished, designed in simplicity and practicability as well as comfort. Kudos to Mr. Auzan, respectively.

After a brief refuge at the residence, we took a tour to Ochard Road via the SMRT. It was quite a refreshing sight after so long we inhibit the moot court. Orchard Road is definitely a modern, flashy and exciting commercial premise. In simpler terms, a fun shopping place.

After replenishing ourselves with appropriate sustenance, the team set sail back to the residence. In anticipation of the briefing at NUS tomorrow, we pray that from now onwards, the journey shall be smooth, enjoyable and ultimately, triumphant.