Monday, 30 March 2009

LAWASIA Moot Team 2009 Auditions

The auditions were held at the Moot Court on 20 March 2009, 9.30 p.m. A record number of students auditioned for the squad, i.e. 13 (a lucky number for some of you). Thank you to all you brave souls for having the guts to face a bench consisting of Mr Nazim G Shaari, Pn Mazlina Mahali, Cik Ummi Hani and yours truly. Seven mooters were chosen for the team (in order of merit):

1. Hilwa Nazifa (Part 2)
2. Shairil Farhana (Part 2)
3. Shaqib (Part 6)
4. Muhd Danial (Part 4)
5. Azad Akhbar (Part 3)
6. Aisyah (Part 4)
7. Muhd Khairil (Part 1)

The unlucky six who just missed the cut:

8. Mohd Akmal (Part 2)
8. Darren Nicholas (Part 3)
(Both Akmal and Darren are tied for eight place)
10. Aminu Razif (Part 1)
11. Muhd Rahimi (Part 1)
12. Syamimi (Part 2)
13. Farid Afwan (Part 1)

For those who have made it, congratulations and good luck. You are about to embark on wonderful journey of intellectual and personal discovery ... and occasionally gastronomic adventure.

For the who missed the cut, do not give up. Please attend our workshops and do take part in next semester's Inter-Part Moot Competition, The Dean's Challenge Trophy. I am in the midst of dreaming up a devious question for you to handle. Please try out for the next squad.

Irwan Shah Abdullah

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