Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Preparation for International Humanitarian Law Moots 2010

Preparation begins on the day after the final paper. Therefore on Monday, 15 November 2010, please meet at the Cempaka Moot Court at 9 a.m. Miss Ummi Hani will kick off the session a lecture on the applicable law. We will then look at the moot problem and do some brain storming. The team will have to complete the memorials by 19 November 2010 for submission. Good luck. Current 'Bilis' squad members Atiqah, Ojan, Alia and Hadi, please be there. Joining you will be some 'newbies' Khairul Aisamuddin bin Abdul Rahman, Mohd Ashraf bin Azni, Mohd Afif bin Daud and Nur Elissa Baharudin.

Any students from Parts 1 to 3 of BLS who are still interested in joining the moot team, please show up prepared with a five minutes submission based on the Inter-Part Moot 2010 problem question, so that you can audition for a place in the final line-up.