Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Postponement of 'Bilis' and 'Plankton' Squad Activities

Members of the 'Bilis' and 'Plankton' squad please take note that there will not be any meeting this weekend for both Maritime Moot or the Internal Moot League Ladder. I will be spending time with the senior squad to complete preparations for Jessup 2011.

Sorry chaps.

If you are planning to meet up on your own to discuss a moot question, please go ahead and organise the session(s) yourselves and pass on any questions you have to me later.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Congratulations Mr Zarif Badrul

Well done to Mr Zarif Badrul who has just been awarded the Tun Suffian Scholarship. Only 11 law undergraduates in Malaysia were awarded this special prize and Zarif was the only winner of this scholarship from UiTM. Congratulations. The Senior Moot Squad is lucky to have a student of your caliber for the Jessup Moots 2011.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Plankton Squad Internal League Moot Ladder

The provisional rankings for the commencement of the Plankton League Moot Ladder is as follows:

1. Azalea Azarae and Puteri Eleni

2. Azim Razak and Adila Ali

3. Haziq Aziz and Afiqah Zaini

4. Erickka Farrise and Lyyana Jamal

5. Ariff Afizi and Alya Aqilah

Team 1 has challenged Team 5, and Team 2 has challenged Team 4. Good luck for the first round.

Friday, 14 January 2011

'Plankton' Squad Training

Just a reminder. Training this Saturday afternoon is at 3 p.m. at the usual venue. Special agent Nurhadi Zainol @ Elmo, will also be around. Hadi, please book a room close to the Cempaka moot court. The Jessup Squad will be using it for training. Do not forget to download last year's Law Asia moot problem and the winning memorials from the website (Team No.2010 from the International Rounds page) for your training programme.

Monday, 10 January 2011

New Members of the 'Bilis' Squad

The current 'Bilis' Squad (also known as the Junior Moot Squad) consists of Alia Amran (IHL Moot 2010 Best Oralist), Atiqah Razif (Most Promising Young Mooter Award, Inter-Part 2010), Auzan Syaidi, Nurhadi Zainol and Zulfikri Ibrahim (Best Mooter in the Final Rounds, Inter-Part 2010).

After the auditions last Saturday, two new mooters have been added to the Junior Moot Squad:

Noor Hannah bt Mohd Nasir
Nur Ellena bt Mohd Razif

Congratulations to both of you. The 'Bilis' Squad is now preparing for the International Maritime Law Arbitration Moots 2011 which will be hosted by NUS in the first week of July 2011

I hope you enjoy reading your moot problem which is only 100++ pages long!

Also joining the 'Bilis' Squad are the following 'solicitors':

Dayang Mazidah
Farhan Zafry
Asmarina Sakila
Marlysa Razak
Zaidatul Aquilla

Welcome to the team newbies!

Members of the 'Plankton' Squad

The 'Plankton' Squad is the most junior moot squad in UiTM, consisting of students from the Asasi UiTM and KPTM Students. I suppose one could describe them as the Junior 'Junior Squad'. The squad is now preparing for the Law Asia Moot 2011 and will be the youngest mooters that UiTM have ever sent for a competitive moot.

Meet the Planktons who are currently registered with the Moot Club:

Abd Azim Bin Abd Razak
Ariff Hafizi Bin Mohd Radzi
Erickka Farrise Bin Amir
Haziq Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz
Lyyana Bt Jamal Hassan Damanhoori
Nur Adila bt Md Ali
Nurul Azalea Binti Azarae
Nurul Afiqah binti Ali Zaini
Puteri Eleni binti Megat Osman

Welcome to the mooting fraternity of UiTM's Law School.

Planktons who have not registered (i.e. Alya Aqilah and Muhammad Jalil), please see me as soon as possible to register. You can contact me at:

Monday, 3 January 2011

Audition for the 'Bilis' Squad in preparation for Jessup 2012

Those students in Parts 1-4 of BLS who are interested in joining the 'Bilis' Moot Squad, please show up for auditions at 3.30 p.m., Saturday, 8 January 2011, Cempaka Moot Court. Please report to Miss Ummi Hani and Dr Irwin U.J. Ooi, your moot team advisors.

The 'Bilis' Squad is the Junior Moot Squad. Your primary objective is mooting for UiTM's Law School at next year's Jessup moots (2012), after the current senior squad retires. Those who successfully pass the audition will join existing teams members in preparing for the following moots: International Maritime Law Arbitration Moot 2011, Law Asia Moot 2011 and International Humanitarian Law Moot 2011.

For the audition, please pick one ground from the Inter-Part Moot 2010 moot problem and prepare a submission which is no longer than 10 minutes. Be prepared for Q and A on the legal issues raised in your submission.

Good luck! See you at the audition.

P.S. Existing 'Bilis' squad team members (Hadi, Auzan, Atiqah, Alia and Fikri, plus solicitors Afif and Ashraf) need not re-audition.

Calling all members of the 'Plankton' Moot Squad

The two Asasi / Matriculation teams from Shah Alam which took part in last year's Inter-Part Moots (i.e. the Dean's Challenge Trophy), please meet with your moot team advisors, Miss Ummi Hani and Dr Irwin U.J. Ooi at the Cempaka Moot Court, Saturday, 8 January 2011, 2.00 p.m. This is a preliminary meeting to fix your training schedule for the Law Asia Moot 2011. Welcome to the competitive mooting fraternity of UiTM's Law School.