Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Maritime Moot 2009 alert!

Next monday we will kick off with a short course on carriage of goods by sea delivered by Dr. Irwin at the Moot Court around 9'ish'. It will be continued on Wednesday and be concluded on Friday. The short course will cover the basics of which will be dealt with in the moot problem. Inter alia, time charters, vessel seaworthiness etc.

Those of you who are interested to become a solicitor for Maritime are most welcome to join the class. Work on the memorials will begin the week after.

So the schedule for the carriage lecture specifically for the Maritime Moots are as follows:

Date: 2nd, 4th and 6th of March 2009.
Time: 9.30 onwards*
Venue: Moot Court*

*subject to change

There is also a vacancy in the Maritime Squad. Yes, only one. Therefore an audition will follow shortly after the last lecture on Friday. We are looking for female mooters. However, we do not mind if it's a male who makes it. It will be boring with only one girl in the team.

Details are as follows:

Date: 6th March 2009
Time: tba
Venue: Moot Court

Any questions regarding the Maritime Moots, feel free to click the link on the right hand side. Any question about the squad, feel free to bug Dr. Irwin.

Oh, did I mention that IMLAM 2009 will be held at the University of Queensland; Brisbane?

Yes kiddies... We fly on the 1st of July. We fly back to Malaysia most probably on the 8th of July.

Go google Brisbane.

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