Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The Dean's Cup Challenge Inter-Part Moot Competition 2009

The UiTM Moot Club's annual inter-part competition is back.

When: 5 - 6 September 2009
What time: 9AM onwards
Where: CempakaONE.. yes, the spanking new Moot Court.

As you are well aware, moots are rather complicated. you will need to get your hands on the moot problem, go through the grounds of appeal, research the law, write the submissions, prepare a bundle, submit both on the 1st of september, and come to the oral rounds where you submit your points with minimal hand gestures and bullshitting, support your arguments with reference to your bundle of authorities, observe court decorum and remember that there's no POI or drama-like objections.

Go bug the moot bench for more info in case you've finally decided to test ur skills handling judicial pressure and compiling research that will be envied by future conveyancing lawyers. Hehe..

p/s: You don't have to bring food. It's Ramadhan.

Download the Moot Problem here.

Monday, 17 August 2009

LAWASIA Moot Competition 2009

The competition was held on 8 and 9 August 2009 at the Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration (KLRCA). UiTM registered a record number of teams, i.e. 4 teams with 3 mooters each (12 mooters in total). The moot question concerned a dispute that involved a sunken wreck and a salvage agreement between the salvors and the government of Rolga.

At the first stage of the competition, there were 5 groups. Unfortunately, due to the luck of the draw, two of our junior moot squads were drawn to meet one another during this group stage. Anyway, by the end of day one, UiTM had three teams (plus one from ATC and another from UKM) that made it through to the final.

The next day, sadly, after all the final group stage matches had taken place, teams from UiTM finished third, fourth and fifth. Victory would have been sweeter but what the teams had achieved is remarkable considering that the anchor mooters (those who mooted the most) were first time mooters. I cannot help but to imagine what if I had planned our strategy differently and let the seniors anchor from the start. Anyway, the main purpose of entering the competition was for the junior mooters to gain experience. Thanks to the Bar Council and organisers (Mr. Raphael Tay) for accommodating so many teams from one university.

Congratulations to all the teams from UiTM. Also, congratulations to ATC (Champions) and UKM (Runner-up). Good luck in Vietnam for the international rounds.

Mr Raphael Tay, if you are reading this, any news on whether the third place team be going to Vietnam as well?

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Moot Workshop

Inter Part Moot 2009

The UiTM Mooting Club is looking for aspiring young mooters to be groomed and moulded to represent UiTM in future moot competitions.

For that reason, we will be organizing the Dean's Cup Inter Part Moot Court Competition and are calling upon interested and committed individuals to participate in the Moot Workshop and subsequently the competition.

For Part Four students, get that confused look off your face and come join us and prepare for that mysterious thing you know as mooting.

Date: 15th August 2009
Time: 9.00 AM onwards.
Venue: That brand new Auditorium.

For further info, please bug Elli at 017 379 3816. Or in case you don't fancy girls, contact Arif at 014 825 5669.

Click here to RSVP the Facebook event.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

LawAsia 2009

The writer is currently not on site, but the story goes that UiTM's LawAsia moot team is undefeated. Three of the FOUR teams that we sent will be going to the second round, meeting ATC and UKM.

Once all hearsay is clarified and the bunch comes home to Shah Alam with the full report, this blog will surely be updated. Maybe even with a few pictures.

So gambatte to the teams of Ika-Faez-Afif, Azin-Khairil-Rue and Shaq-Shai-Esah. Please kick some more behinds tomorrow.