Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Market Analysis Closed

The survey conducted on facebook with regards to the programme 'So, You Wanna Be A Lawyer?' has officially come to an end. Results are as follows:

Interested: 43
Maybe Interested: 49
Unable to join: 40
Didn't bother to reply: 38

Invitation sent out: Lost count.

Therefore, since most of the Moot Bench was occupied with Jessup and will be occupied with Maritime, it is then suggested that the above event be conducted in conjunction with the Inter Part Moot Competition, otherwise known as the Dean's Challenge Trophy next semester. Maybe somewhere in August.

Just keep your eyes out for the poster.

Yes, it will be even prettier than the AGM's poster.

p/s: What do feel about a whole week of lawyering business? 'So, You Wanna Be A Lawyer' plus a moot workshop, and maybe even a weekend of fun and games (Guitar Hero and bowling tournament for instance) in an event called "Mootness"? Drop us a line.

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