Saturday, 31 January 2009

The Lachs Moot

The-what-moot? Space?

Why hasn't UiTM participated in this one?

"The Lachs Moot began in 1992 and is organised annually by the International Institute of Space Law (I.I.S.L.).  Each year, the winners of the Asia Pacific, European and North American Regional Rounds compete in the world finals, held in conjunction with the annual International Astronautical Congress and the Colloquium on the Law of Outer Space.

The Lachs Moot has the distinction of having its world final judged each year by three sitting members of the International Court of Justice.

To participate in the Lachs Moot, 2 to 3 committed law students interested in expanding their knowledge of international law and gain valuable international mooting experience are all that is needed.  According to past participants, coaches and judges, the Lachs Moot is an enjoyable experience for all involved."

Never heard of it. You?

Something for the new Moot Bench to ponder upon post-AGM.

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