Tuesday, 17 March 2009

LAWASIA Update for UiTM mooters

I'm sorry if you were redirected here after googling LAWASIA. That is entirely Google's fault. But if you are a UiTM law student, then you've found what you're looking for.

The Workshop for LAWASIA kicked off around 9.30 with a 'Mooting 101' lecture by the Lifetime Dictator, Azinuddin Karim. Quite a bunch of people came, including a bunch of part-ones; which is a very good thing.

The not so good thing is that there are not as much female future mooters as I would've wished.

The Audition on the coming Friday is scheduled to 9.00 PM, as opposed to the time set out in the notice.

Therefore, we will see you at the Moot Court on Friday at approximately 9.00 PM.

Samples of last year's Jessup winning memorials can be obtained by clicking here and here.

p/s: Seriously, we need more female mooters.

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