Saturday, 31 January 2009

Proposal 01: "So, you wanna be a lawyer?"

It is not a question. But a programme that may/will be proposed to be held on Friday the 13th (March) for all students of UiTM's Law Faculty.

It is basically a one day event filled with a conference, tea-time talk, and a proper sit-down dinner.

SYWBAL will address those questions you've had in mind since the very first day you decided to join the profession while watching Ally McBeal or Boston Legal.

It will open your eyes to the rigours of the lawyering business, and the fun underlying the tedious paperwork, litigation and court appearances.

It, by all means; would not be your typical induction Q&A session, with you posing questions such as: "Lawyer punya gaji berapa?"

Interested? Look out for the poster sometime next week (after the AGM). Partipication may be limited.

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