Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Honourable Retirements in 2010

Honourable mention here of those mooters who have retired from the moot squad in 2010:

Azad Akhbar Khan (Law Asia 2009, 2010, and IHL 2009) and Daniel Nizam (Law Asia 2009, 2010 and Maritime 2010). Both will be commencing their LL.B(Hons.), congratulations for qualifying for that programme. When both of you become famous senior partners at a big law firm, I expect you to contribute ten percent of your firm's profits to the Moot Club. ;-)

Kodie Hassan (Law Asia 2010). Reverting back to her role as Secretary 'Extraordinaire' of the Moot Club. As UiTM will be hosting the Malaysia National Rounds of Jessup 2011, her administrative expertise will be sorely needed by the faculty and the club. Ellie (Moot Club President), you have another 'slave' to work with! ;-)

Retirement from competitive does not mean in activity, and I expect all of you to be contributing as trainers for the 'Plankton' and 'Bilis' squads, ... ... ... and also all the 'makan-makan' sessions which the Food Club, I mean Moot Club is famous for.

Have a great 2011. :-)

Monday, 27 December 2010

2010 - A Great Year for the UiTM Moot Club

It is that time of the year again when one cannot help but reminisce about the year that is about to come to an end. The overwhelming feeling that I get for 2010 is what a wonderful year it has been and that an even better year lies ahead. What can I say, I am an optimist ... at least, most of the time when I am not cynical.

2010 kicked off with a fantastic win at the Philip C Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition. The senior squad at that time (who are not sadly in retirement) consisting of Azinuddin Karim, Afif Ahmayuddin, Hazralika Hamzah and Faez Razak won the National Rounds for UiTM, the very first win for the university in its history. What made the victory even more meaningful was that this very same foursome also won the Best Memorial prize and Hazralika Hamzah pick up the Best Oralist prize. As a coach, I would have been happy if the team had just won the best team trophy, but winning every single prize on offer was an achievement beyond my wildest dreams. This awesome foursome will forever be remembered and given a special place in the history of UiTM.

Inspired by this, the 'Bilis' (i.e. Junior) Moot Squad at that time (who are currently the senior squad preparing for Jessup 2011) had famous victories over Melbourne University and Southampton University at the International Maritime Law Arbitration Moot 2010 during the first week of July. That team, consisting of Shairil Farhana (captain), Khairil Kahlid (vice-captain), Arina Lum and Zarif Shafiq, came back with the first ever prize won a UiTM moot team at an international competition when they picked up the 'Achievement Award'. I just cannot wait until January 2011 when you guys start 'kicking-butt' at the Malaysian National Rounds of Jessup. No pressure! ;-)

Very soon after, it was time for the Law Asia Moots 2010 at KLRCA. This time, a team led by anchor mooter Zarif Shafiq and Arina Lum as well as Nurhadi Zainol made it to the final round. Azad Akhbar Khan also deserves a special mention as he finished as one of the top three mooters for that competition.

With the distraction of most competitions behind the club by August, the UiTM Moot Club had the time to concentrate on internal matters. The moot squads conducted very informative workshops on mooting at branch campuses. As a result of their efforts, when the Inter-Part Moot Competition (i.e. the Dean's Challenge Trophy) was held, there was a record number of entries. This competition unearthed a number of gems. For example, Atiqah Razif (winner of the Most Promising Young Mooter Prize) and Zulfikri Ibrahim (winner of the Best Mooter in the Final Rounds). There were also two teams of very enthusiastic mooters from Asasi / Matrix Shah Alam who will now form part of the 'Plankton' squad (i.e. Baby / very Junior Moot Squad) as well as mooters from Kedah's Asasi / Matrix programme who will be coming into Part One of BLS in January 2011 who will be invited to audition for the regular 'Bilis' (Junior) squad.

Last but not least, the icing on the cake came at the International Humanitarian Law Moots in December. The defence team consisting of Atiqah Razif and Alia Amran made it all the way to the finals. Alia added more icing on the cake by winning the best mooter prize. By the way, both your names are on the list for Jessup 2012!

As I said earlier, it has been a great year. I wonder what's in store next year? If the rock on which this success was built on, Miss Ummi Hani continues to give her time, effort, and geeky knowledge of International Law, great things lie ahead. Thanks also to Mazlina Mahali for keeping the club afloat with your administrative endeavours and thanks to the faculty as well as its leadership for continuing to support the club.

Monday, 13 December 2010

IHL Moots 2010, 10 and 11 December @ UM

Congratulations to Joshua and Danni (UUM) who defended their title by winning the competition again this year. All the best in Hong Kong. I know you will make Malaysia proud. I hope you will go one better this year and win the international rounds as well.

Further congratulations to the UiTM 'Bilis' (i.e. Junior) Moot Squad for a great performance. The team consisting of Muhammad Nurhadi Zainol and Auzan Syaidi (representing the prosecution) as well as Alia Sumayyah Amran and Nur Atiqah Razif (representing the defendant) performed beyond expectations.

In particular, the defence team of Alia and Atiqah, mooted fantastically and made it to the finals where they eventually lost to Joshua and Danni. Special mention should also be made of Alia, as she won the Best Oralist prize.

The best memorial prize went to ATC. Well done for posting a very good score. Better luck in the oral rounds next year.

Last but not least, thank you to Mr Y.L. Fork and the ICRC as well as UM (i.e. especially Dr Azmi Sharom and Dr Sujatha Balan) for organising a great tournament.