Sunday, 1 February 2009

Proposal 02: Annual Grand Dinner

From the Moot Club discussion board on Facebook.

"I am talking about food, fun and fuzziness associated with prize giving and appreciation. Grand dinner la konsepnya....

It has been delayed for tooooo long. n rue and I have mooted (ironic giler) the idea of having it at the end of semester. maybe lepas exam. atau sebelum study week.

there are only two issues: money and venue.

financial wise, there are rumours of pending sponsorship which will be pushed for by the new moot bench.

what i want to really survey here is: WHERE DO WE EAT?

After extensive googling. I limit my proposed venues to only TWO.

the first being Soul-ed Out... located in Desa Sri hartamas. they cater for events and by the looks of it, they are a friendly and quirky bunch. just like we are. see more by clicking here: (food looks excellent)

the second being the empress cafe, depan the laundry bar. kat the curve. very stylish cafe... nice food. and we can all come after watching a movie or sumthin.

that is my idea la basically, since the dinner (in my point of view) should be rather informal and never uptight with protocols. it sucks. period!

now with a new and fresh moot club in mind... what would be your honest opinion.

p/s: i would also propose that we call the dinner: 'The Moot Meat'. cute huh?

now... respond fellow moot-clubbers. please and thank you."

Respond by clicking here: Discussion Board | Dinner Survey

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