Friday, 17 October 2008

IHL Moot

I am currently struggling to search for the moot problem (IHL) on line. Beats me whether it is available online or not in the first place. The hard copy is said to be in the hands of Pn. Azlena.

However, extensive googling has resulted in the additional links on the right. Feel free to browse through. There might be competition from USIM for Jessup this year. Wonder if UUM has decided to join the band-wagon. Also amazing to see how serious HKU takes mooting. UiTM only has a blog. They have a whole system.

Be that as it may, one question still lingers - Who's actually doing the preparation to actually host the national rounds? It bothers me that we are still vaguely sure of where and when we are supposed to moot. Potential mooters are currently making travel arrangements to spend the holidays with family members. It worries me.

Talking about vagueness, it so happens that there are openings calling for participation for the IHL moots which is purported to be held around the same time with Jessup. Would anyone be willing to surrender their necks to the IHL team? Jessup only needs 5 mooters. The solicitors can multi-task for both questions.

In case of any confusions or questions, please pester Dr. Irwin. You know where he is if he's not making green tea in front of his office. If you're intimidated by his cuteness, search for Pn. Rafidah or Miss Ummi. Though they are equally cute come to think of it.

Personally, the editor of this blog does not fancy moot competitions that doesn't promise free trips overseas.

Adieu. Till then.

Thursday, 9 October 2008


Le Compromis is out. About 32 pages long, and is quite a head-ache. Go download it here. Crash course for those who know peanuts about International Law will be held on the 24th, at around 10. Find us somewhere around the foyer.

25th is a Tuesday. *Grin*

Auditions will be held on the 26th. Feel free to try out. Don't worry if you've missed the meeting yesterday. You can always sell your soul to the Jessup team any time you want.