Friday, 1 July 2011

We dont sing in singapore. We moot

Thursday, 30th of June.

When the hands met at the face of time, it strikes 10.45 am and the team embarks to singapore. No indiana Jones antiques here. In the spirit of competitive mooting, and academical hunt, we brace ourselves.

It was quite a handful to thread through the urban landscapes of singapore. The delicate and hefty nature of our bundle of authorities adds to our demise. But, we all took it as an opportunity to further enrich ourselves with bodily fitness. At least in cardiovascular sense.

Though the experience of taxiing to Geylang was quite difficult and frustrating, amidst our worries, the residence had taken us in delight. Its nicely furnished, designed in simplicity and practicability as well as comfort. Kudos to Mr. Auzan, respectively.

After a brief refuge at the residence, we took a tour to Ochard Road via the SMRT. It was quite a refreshing sight after so long we inhibit the moot court. Orchard Road is definitely a modern, flashy and exciting commercial premise. In simpler terms, a fun shopping place.

After replenishing ourselves with appropriate sustenance, the team set sail back to the residence. In anticipation of the briefing at NUS tomorrow, we pray that from now onwards, the journey shall be smooth, enjoyable and ultimately, triumphant.

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