Monday, 25 July 2011

How we traversed and held our grounds.

Monday, 4th of July 2011

The general rounds of the International Maritime Law Moot 2011 ends today. The MARA claimants shall go against the respondents of the University of Queensland, Australia.

The claimants, eager to go through the final session of the general rounds.

Again as expected, the bench was critical. The focal point of the moot was the issue of international conflict of law. There was extensive discussions and queries on justifications on the proposed law to be applied by both sides.

The MARA claimants persevered and never gave up the fight. They stood their ground and articulately answer the questions put forth against them.

After the deliberations, the arbitral tribunal had decided in the favor of the Respondents from the University of Queensland. Nevertheless, we couldn't have been more proud for the MARA claimants for their efforts, confidence and sacrifices.

After all the session for the general rounds had ended, the total scores of all the competing Universities were calculated. We all anxiously waited for the results. 'All' per se, means together with the lovely MARA supporters whom had gone the extra mile to be with the mooters in Singapore.

Our undying gratitude for all the MARA supporters. Your presence is welcomed, and utterly appreciated.

After a long period of waiting, it was time for the finale. However, MARA didn't break into the quarter finals. It was difficult but ultimately, the truth.

Amidst the results, the journey had been a blast. We have gained many great experiences and friendship. We are deeply grateful and proud of all the MARA mooters whom had performed in steel-stern valor, rock-hard confidence and stonewall-rigid perseverance. To all of our great friends from all other institutions, we take the greatest pleasure to have had your acquaintances.

We have berthed and discharged our obligations at the port of the Merlion. Fire up the engine, raise the anchors and fly the flag of MARA. We set sail. We set course to yet other opportunities to moot and learn the tools of the trade. Our dearest salutations to our Masters, Dr. Irwin and Miss Ummi Hani for their undying dedication. Looking back at it now, and in the future, we shall always remember, how we traversed and held our ground.

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