Saturday, 2 July 2011

Moot = Food = Acquaintance = Good.

Friday, 1st of July 2011.

In the morning, my learned friends proceeded to preside over nutritional rations duty. Simply put, they cook. The aroma entices, and hustle in the kitchen excites our hungry stomachs. On the frying pan, was Miss Alia, Miss Atiqah caters to ingredients, and Miss Ummi as the Sous Chef, monitors the procession. While waiting for the meal, the others went on to have a session with Miss Ummi. The by-product; Voila!. It was tresbien. Belissimo.

Come evening, the team headed off to the National University of Singapore, NUS, to attend the welcoming ceremony and the briefing. Upon reaching the Law Faculty, we were in awe. The exquisite Victorian exterior accentuates the aura of lex.

The briefing and welcoming speeches began around 5.50 pm in the evening. And what an astounding sight. People from all corners of the world had commiserated in unison. Indonesia, France, United Kingdom, India, Australia, Malaysia are some to mention.

After an enlightening experience in the auditorium, we were dismissed to have some finger-food and to do some ice breaking. Moot = Food = Friends = Good.

Great individuals, superb atmosphere. Tomorrow, the respondents shall begin on the first leg of the competition. MARA v University of Southampton, UK. Fret not, for the best is to come.

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