Saturday, 2 July 2011

A journey of a thousand miles, starts with a single step, or moot in a sense.

Saturday, 2nd of July 2011

This is it. The thrill that your heart races and ready to burst. The andrenaline rushes through out like an ocean tide, ravishing all in its path. Cold sweat runs down your face, and it drops as it dance in rhythm of the heartbeat. This shall surely come. It shall happen. Its inevitable.

12.oo noon, the team prepares themselves for the first leg of the prelims. The respondent shall compete with the University of Southampton in round 2B at 3.30pm.

Upon reaching the Eu Ton Seng Faculty of Law at NUS, the team first had an exquisite buffet lunch at the modernly furnished staff lounge at the faculty.The menu extends from Korean Grilled Chicken, and Italian Spaghetti bolognese. Superb indeed.

The team then proceeded to the discussions room at level 4 to calm our nerves in anticipation of the round to come. And to our delight, the seniors have serenaded us with their appearance. Special mentions to the seniors, Shairil, Izzat, Danial and also Hadi. Your attendance, was greatly felt, and utterly appreciated. Love you guys thoroughly.

3.30 pm, and all of us, in togetherness , entered courtroom 3 as we march onto the field of healthy intellectual trial. My learned friends, namely Oluwatobi Seriki, and Katherine Law respectively from the University of Southampton, is a force to reckon with. The competition was fierce. Both of the teams were equally competitive, passionate and convincing.

The round was set in a standard claimant 1 and 2, then respondent 1 and 2 setting. After all was said and done, the wise arbitral tribunal was left to deliberate. To our delight, and fortunately, the round was decided in MARA's favor. Alhamdulillah, and Praise be to God.

Nevertheless, this is merely a drop in the ocean the team must traverse. We pray avidly, and work diligently, that what ensues, mirrors our triumph today. All the best MARA. And to my friends from Southampton, all the best for your future rounds as well.

Onwards, to the next round!

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