Monday, 25 July 2011

Putting all the cards on the table.

Sunday, 3rd of July 2011.

Today, the invigorating scent of competitiveness fills the corridors of the Eu Tong Sen Building in NUS's faculty of law. Both of MARA's esteemed respondents and claimants anticipate an enlightening moot round. In the morning session, MARA's respondents shall go against the esteemed Universitas of Gadjah Mada. In the later afternoon session, MARA's claimants go head to head against the University of Goa.

The learned counsels for the claimants, Miss Hannah Nasir, Miss Ellena Razif, Mr. Auzan Syaidi and our coach, Miss Ummi Hani, in full gear, full throttle, to triumph.

The first session between MARA and Universitas Gadjah Mada, was chaired by Mr. Werner Tan, and presided by Dr. Paul Holmes and Mr. David Martin Clarke himself. Our great and esteemed friends on the claimant's bench were Mr. Rifky Wicaksono, and Mr. Roichan Akbar. They were also accompanied by the rest of their team, namely, Mr. Dirgantara Adi, Mr. Eldo K. Alwi and Miss Vierna Tasya Wensatama. A great congregation of caliber and articulation indeed.

The session was a critical one. Questions were full of insights and substance. It was quite a handful. The arbitral panel were excellently versed with the questions and issues at hand. It was an arbitral force to reckon.

The claimants had indeed taken a different approach to the question and was very impressive indeed. Especially upon the part in which Mr. Roichan presented the claimant's quantum of damages. Great job nonetheless.

It was intense. The moment the tribunal settled for deliberation, and we exited the courtroom, the heat of the moot also exited.

The counsels, while awaiting the results, had a an extensive discussion on the earlier session.

All in all, the counsels all agreed it was a superb and enjoyable round. Most importantly, it was the beginning of a heartfelt friendship with the great individuals of Universitas Gadjah Mada.

After the long and extensive deliberation, the arbitral tribunal had decided in the favor of Universitas Gadjah Mada. It was a very close match as been stated by Mr. Werner Tan. Nonetheless, it was an enlightening experience to have sat with a thoroughly worthy opponent and critical and renowned arbitrators. For our great friends from Universitas Gadjah Mada, we wish all of you the best for your future endeavors.

In the afternoon, the MARA's counsels for the claimants took the day up a notch when they performed brilliantly in their first round against the University of Goa.

The bench was as critical as we had expected. The arbitrators were insightful and threw critical queries against the counsels from both sides. However, to our delight, the arbitrators though critical, they were more than pleasant to the bench.

Miss Hannah Nasir, and Miss Ellena handled themselves well. They were able to answer all the arbitrators' questions and articulated their thoughts vividly.

Appraisals were given to MARA mooters by the presiding arbitrator for their ability to remain poised and composed when the arbitrators steer them away from their tempo and submission.

Miss Hannah and Miss Ellena having a preparatory revision before the round in one of the many discussions room.

After the deliberations, the arbitrators had decided in the favor of the MARA claimants. A great triumph indeed. They had performed very well and deserved the win.

Its all smiles for the MARA claimants and we are all very proud for their success today. Today, we had put all of our cards on the table, and undoubtedly, MARA had gained many great experience, friendship and knowledge.

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