Saturday, 6 March 2010

More Jessup 2010 (Malaysian National Rounds) News

Congratulations to the UiTM Jessup Moot Team. Not only are you champions of Malaysia, you have done it in style. You have made all of us proud by winning not only the 'Best Memorial' prize but also 'Best Oralist' prize (Hazralika Hamzah). This is a clean sweep of all the prizes on offer. I am so proud of all of you. I would also like to add that the all top three oralists were also from UiTM. First runner-up: Azinuddin Karim; Second runner-up: Afif Ahmayuddin. Special mention must also be made of our Respondent team who were undefeated through out the tournament. Faez Razak and Hazralika Hamzah ... you guys are the 'bomb'.

During the preparation for the competition, the leadership provided by team captain, Azinuddin Karim not only kept the team together, but also inspired the others to fulfill their potential. He is the heart and soul of the team.

In the excitement of victory, let us also not forget Miss Ummi Hani who provided the team with expert advice on international law. Those of us who have the pleasure of working with her know that we are probably seeing a future professor emeritus of international law in the making here. Ummi, you are a genuine international law expert. You truly have no equal in UiTM as you can now legitimately law claim to being an intellectual giant. That probably explains why you are such a geek who lives and breathes public international law. :-)

Pn Mazlina Mahali is now officially a master logistician. Without you, the team would not be able to function properly, i.e. no place to stay, no food to eat, no snacks to nibble on. Thank you for taking on the burden of preparing all the paperwork. You efforts are greatly appreciated.

This year's victory did not happen overnight. Mooting is like a ULCC (Ultra Large Crude Carrier). Whatever measures we have put into effect in the last five years are now finally paying off. It is indeed true that 'Rome was not built in a day'. Many thanks to the knowledge learnt from previous UiTM Jessup teams, in particular I have to single out Tuan Hurman for providing inspirational advice. The foundation of the 2010 victory is primarily built on UiTM's Moot Club. Prior to the setting up of the club, mooting activities were in disarray in the faculty. There were too many people who wanted the glory but did not want to put in the effort. Thanks to the club's founder, Pn Sharifah Saeedah (soon to be 'Dr Sherry'), mooting is now a structured activity in the faculty, with the current advisers Miss Ummi Hani and Pn Mazlina Mahali giving dedicated service to the club. The club greatly appreciates Assoc Prof Dr Musrifah who was very supportive in the setting up of the club, and also Rijalul Fauzi (Founding President) and Adzim Amir Hamzah (Founding Vice-President) who steadied the ship in the early days of the club.

As the 2010 victory has not been widely reported in the mainstream media, for the record, this is the victorious team:

Azinuddin Karim
Afif Ahmayuddin
Hazralika Hamzah
Faez Razak
Hilwa Bustam

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