Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Jessup Moot - White and Case International Rounds - Day 3

The tie against UAE commenced at 11 a.m. Hazralika Hamzah and Afif Ahmayuddin mooted as applicants. The UAE's line up is very cosmopolitan and they were coached by an American who has taught at Universiti Malaya in the past. Both Ika and Afif mooted very well and we are confident of a positive result.

After the tie, we had lunch with Ika's adopted mum (she's American by the way) at a nearby restaurant. The food is very good and I could not resist having the 14 oz NY strip steak.

The journey back to the embassy residences was a little bit adventurous. We had to take the metro (subway) and spent a long time looking for it ... in the freezing cold. Faez does not have any toes left as he has lost all of it through frostbite ;-)

Dinner was an interesting affair as the MSD director, Dr Posiah cooked fantastic 'sambal udang' with the biggest fresh prawns this side of the Atlantic. It was a great match with the fried rice which Pn Yati (who lives a few doors away) sent to the house in the morning.

We have two ties tomorrow, the first against Namibia in the morning, and against Germany in the late evening.

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