Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Jessup Moot - White and Case International Rounds - Day 1

The team arrived at Washington DC for registration at 10 am. There were lots of merchandise for sale at the registration table and it was difficult trying to restrain the 'Malaysian shopper' in all of us. Team members purchased T-Shirts and mugs. All of this happened relatively quickly, so there was time to spare before the full briefing at 2 pm. The team took a walk down the road to the park close to the White House. As usual, most of us acted like 'tourist' and clicked happily away. In particular, Pn Mazlina was giving her new Sony 'Cybershot' 14 mega-pixel a through workout. Just when I thought it was safe, we stumbled across stalls selling souvenirs and the 'shopoholic' in all of us made an appearance again. By the way, the 'Subway' here is sells 'halal' food, so there was no problem getting lunch.

At the 2 pm briefing, in addition to reminding the teams about the rules, the organisers also took the opportunity to introduce the teams. As they flags of individual nations were placed in the front, the respective teams collected their 'goodie' bags from sponsors of the international rounds. I suppose you will see team members proudly carrying 'White and Case' knapsacks and water bottles around the faculty when we get back.

The exchange of memorial took place at 6 pm. Our first opponents on Day 2 will be UCL, champions of the UK. They have made the finals for the last two years. I am confident that our team is as good as them, if not better, so it will be a good fight.

More from tomorrow after the match! Keep checking in to read this blog.

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