Monday, 24 November 2008

And so it begins

Public International Law can never be understood within six hours. Learning about the ICJ, IHL, UN, HR, use of force etc. is a lot to digest in one day. Kudos to those who got A for both IL One and Two papers. IL is indeed complicated stuff.

So the Jessup team met today at AL529 and was given a crash course on what is public international law. Thank you Miss Ummi, Puan Fidah and off course Dr. Irwin for sacrificing their time for the team, and ultimately for UiTM for that matter. They are indeed very committed educators.*ehem.. (Dato VC are you reading this?)

We kicked off with a dose of introduction to the ICJ, the UN, and the use of force. Lunch. Prayers. And another dose of IHL and human rights before adjourning to the computer lab to look at the relevant sites for research purposes.

Talking about IHL, it saddens us that we may be (truly are) unable to send a team to the IHL Moots since the memorials are to be submitted on the 2nd of December. So, sorry ICRC.

Tomorrow will be consultations for the auditions and a taste of the Moot Club tradition after all is done. 

A note on the auditons on the 26th. It will start around 2.00 PM before a bench of three adjudicators. Court room attire.

Have fun. It is ultimately, just a competition.

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