Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Wikipedia Link

I was surfing the net (obviously) and I was checking out the traffic of this site when suddenly I realized there was an incoming traffic from a link within Wikipedia.

Being the curious dude that I was, I clicked and searched, and lo and behold..

Under the above article, the Moot Club is enlisted as follows: 

UiTM Malaysia Law School has many students’ societies and clubs to help the students to be more independent, resourceful and all-rounder individuals.

  • Sekreteriat Mahasiswa Fakulti (Faculty Students Secreteriate)
  • Mooting Club [2]
  • Law Debating Club
  • Students' Community Law Club (SCLC)
  • Environmental Law & Awareness Club (EnLAC)

More importantly; there's a link from Wikipedia (the [2] next to the club's name) to this blog.



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