Saturday, 20 December 2008

Join the Moot Club!

As most of you would probably have noticed, results are out. That basically signals the beginning of a new term.

New term is then logically followed by a bunch of younglings affectionately known as noobs. These noobs will come to you seniors asking "What activities can I join while being held captive in this dreaded faculty?", or "What kind of associations or clubs do the law students join?" or, the old time favourite, "Bro, what the heck is mooting?".

So guide them babies over to the Moot Club. All you really need is a thirst for the lawyering business and a Facebook account.

Why Facebook?

Well, it has occurred to us that there have been complaints that the club's activities are not widely made known to the public, there's not enough notices, they can't see them notices, and again the all time favourite, they don't even know what the heck it is in the first place. So, by having the club on Facebook and Blogger, these geniuses will have less to complain about. Activities and updates will be made known via the group's message board. And further complaints can be made via the group's wall. Plus, for those who really care, they can start reading the blog and maybe post a little something in the comments section.

Anything else I missed?

Oh yes, the AGM. Well, honestly we have no idea.. yet.

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