Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Part One Induction

An induction programme was made for the noobs of BLS today. Three reps from the club became facilitators and one had been allowed to ramble and promote the club in front of the 180 or so noobs.

He had in fact forgotten to mention about the blog and the Facebook group. However, he was given a second chance during the end of the induction and had promptly seized the opportunity to tell them noobs to google the club.

He hopes that at least a handful of them would submit to the will of the club. For there will always be food for those who fancy research and lawyering business.

As the joker who represented the club had managed to waffle during his pathetic speech, "The business of the club is built upon three Ms. Moot, Memorials, and Makan."

He was corrected by Dr. Irwin. The Three M's should in fact be: Meat, Meat and Meat.

Pity those who join this club. They are bound to be fed (fat?).

Let's just see how many will turn up for the AGM.

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