Monday, 10 January 2011

New Members of the 'Bilis' Squad

The current 'Bilis' Squad (also known as the Junior Moot Squad) consists of Alia Amran (IHL Moot 2010 Best Oralist), Atiqah Razif (Most Promising Young Mooter Award, Inter-Part 2010), Auzan Syaidi, Nurhadi Zainol and Zulfikri Ibrahim (Best Mooter in the Final Rounds, Inter-Part 2010).

After the auditions last Saturday, two new mooters have been added to the Junior Moot Squad:

Noor Hannah bt Mohd Nasir
Nur Ellena bt Mohd Razif

Congratulations to both of you. The 'Bilis' Squad is now preparing for the International Maritime Law Arbitration Moots 2011 which will be hosted by NUS in the first week of July 2011

I hope you enjoy reading your moot problem which is only 100++ pages long!

Also joining the 'Bilis' Squad are the following 'solicitors':

Dayang Mazidah
Farhan Zafry
Asmarina Sakila
Marlysa Razak
Zaidatul Aquilla

Welcome to the team newbies!


saya NOTTY~ said...

woah!quite impressed with this club!all r updated..hum,btw,my nme spelling was wrong,i'm aqilla..huhu..tengs all~

Irwan Shah Abdullah said...

Must be a typographical error. Chubby fingers syndrome. Both the 'u' and 'i' keys are next to one another! ;-)