Monday, 3 January 2011

Audition for the 'Bilis' Squad in preparation for Jessup 2012

Those students in Parts 1-4 of BLS who are interested in joining the 'Bilis' Moot Squad, please show up for auditions at 3.30 p.m., Saturday, 8 January 2011, Cempaka Moot Court. Please report to Miss Ummi Hani and Dr Irwin U.J. Ooi, your moot team advisors.

The 'Bilis' Squad is the Junior Moot Squad. Your primary objective is mooting for UiTM's Law School at next year's Jessup moots (2012), after the current senior squad retires. Those who successfully pass the audition will join existing teams members in preparing for the following moots: International Maritime Law Arbitration Moot 2011, Law Asia Moot 2011 and International Humanitarian Law Moot 2011.

For the audition, please pick one ground from the Inter-Part Moot 2010 moot problem and prepare a submission which is no longer than 10 minutes. Be prepared for Q and A on the legal issues raised in your submission.

Good luck! See you at the audition.

P.S. Existing 'Bilis' squad team members (Hadi, Auzan, Atiqah, Alia and Fikri, plus solicitors Afif and Ashraf) need not re-audition.

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esamedDin said...

I would like to audition, but till what time the audition will be tomorrow, because i got program in mahkamah syariah KL tomorrow morning till noon.