Monday, 10 January 2011

Members of the 'Plankton' Squad

The 'Plankton' Squad is the most junior moot squad in UiTM, consisting of students from the Asasi UiTM and KPTM Students. I suppose one could describe them as the Junior 'Junior Squad'. The squad is now preparing for the Law Asia Moot 2011 and will be the youngest mooters that UiTM have ever sent for a competitive moot.

Meet the Planktons who are currently registered with the Moot Club:

Abd Azim Bin Abd Razak
Ariff Hafizi Bin Mohd Radzi
Erickka Farrise Bin Amir
Haziq Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz
Lyyana Bt Jamal Hassan Damanhoori
Nur Adila bt Md Ali
Nurul Azalea Binti Azarae
Nurul Afiqah binti Ali Zaini
Puteri Eleni binti Megat Osman

Welcome to the mooting fraternity of UiTM's Law School.

Planktons who have not registered (i.e. Alya Aqilah and Muhammad Jalil), please see me as soon as possible to register. You can contact me at:

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