Monday, 13 December 2010

IHL Moots 2010, 10 and 11 December @ UM

Congratulations to Joshua and Danni (UUM) who defended their title by winning the competition again this year. All the best in Hong Kong. I know you will make Malaysia proud. I hope you will go one better this year and win the international rounds as well.

Further congratulations to the UiTM 'Bilis' (i.e. Junior) Moot Squad for a great performance. The team consisting of Muhammad Nurhadi Zainol and Auzan Syaidi (representing the prosecution) as well as Alia Sumayyah Amran and Nur Atiqah Razif (representing the defendant) performed beyond expectations.

In particular, the defence team of Alia and Atiqah, mooted fantastically and made it to the finals where they eventually lost to Joshua and Danni. Special mention should also be made of Alia, as she won the Best Oralist prize.

The best memorial prize went to ATC. Well done for posting a very good score. Better luck in the oral rounds next year.

Last but not least, thank you to Mr Y.L. Fork and the ICRC as well as UM (i.e. especially Dr Azmi Sharom and Dr Sujatha Balan) for organising a great tournament.

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kodie said...

congratulations "bilis" squad!
you guys made alot of people proud!