Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Honourable Retirements in 2010

Honourable mention here of those mooters who have retired from the moot squad in 2010:

Azad Akhbar Khan (Law Asia 2009, 2010, and IHL 2009) and Daniel Nizam (Law Asia 2009, 2010 and Maritime 2010). Both will be commencing their LL.B(Hons.), congratulations for qualifying for that programme. When both of you become famous senior partners at a big law firm, I expect you to contribute ten percent of your firm's profits to the Moot Club. ;-)

Kodie Hassan (Law Asia 2010). Reverting back to her role as Secretary 'Extraordinaire' of the Moot Club. As UiTM will be hosting the Malaysia National Rounds of Jessup 2011, her administrative expertise will be sorely needed by the faculty and the club. Ellie (Moot Club President), you have another 'slave' to work with! ;-)

Retirement from competitive does not mean in activity, and I expect all of you to be contributing as trainers for the 'Plankton' and 'Bilis' squads, ... ... ... and also all the 'makan-makan' sessions which the Food Club, I mean Moot Club is famous for.

Have a great 2011. :-)

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