Saturday, 4 September 2010

Inter-Part Moots: Dean's Challenge Trophy 2010

Thanks to Ellie Suraya (Moots Club President) for the list of the winners. Congratulations to every participant and the prize winners. You are all winners for boldly going where no ordinary student has dared to.

For the record, this is the roll of honours:

Champions (from Part III BLS)
1. Nur Amalina Ghazali
2. Mohd. Zulfikri Bin Ibrahim

Runner Up (from Part III BLS)
1. Nur Atiqah Razif
2. Atiqah Anas

Note: Only one mark separated the Champion and runner-up teams! Well done to both teams. A truly fantastic moot in the finals although you were thoroughly grilled by a very proactive bench.

Best Mooter General Rounds
Darren N Punnai

Best Mooter - Finals

Mohd. Zulfikri Bin Ibrahim

Special Mention Award (for most promising young mooter)
Nur Atiqah Razif

Spirit Of Interpart Award
1. Kedah Team 1 (Ellena's team) (for being crazy enough to take part even though you only had a week's preparation and were prepared to travel all the way down to Shah Alam)
2. Asasi Team 1 (Lyyana's team) (for daring to take the challenge even though you have not even made it into the BLS programme yet)


Syafiq Adi said...

the awards were only given to your crony and friends...except the mooting part which had been decided by a wise judge

Miss Potato said...

hey thanks for giving us the prize!really appreciate has been a great experience for all of us in Kedah. :)