Monday, 9 August 2010

Law Asia Moots 2010: Day 3 - Final Rounds

Congratulations to Zarif, Arina and Hadi who qualified for the final round. Although you did not win the competition, I am very proud of you. Who would have thought that it would be the 'bilis' in the moot team that would go so far.

Congratulations also to the other UiTM teams that did not make it past the preliminary rounds. You live to do battle another day. It will be a different story at Jessup. The important thing here is that you've managed to squeeze in more mooting experience and as a result you will be a better person. Remember the prophetic words of Raphael Tay, it is not the winning that counts, it is whether you fulfill your potential. All of you are in the process of doing that and I look forward to seeing you celebrating in victory in a moot competition not too far in the future.

For the record, the winning team was Taylor's University College. Congratulations, you are worthy champions and will make Malaysia proud at the international competition. Nabila Kamarudin, you are an amazing mooter and really unlucky not to win the best mooter prize when you finished runner-up. ATC was the first runner-up and will also be joining Taylor's at the international competition. In third place was KDU, followed by IIUM and UiTM respectively.

The best mooter prize was won by Nora Huseinovic. Congratulations! You are the most systematic mooter that I have seen in the last five years and the clarity of your arguments deservedly won the hearts and minds of many judges. Special mention must also be made of the following UiTM mooters who finished in the top ten of the mooters rankings:

Azad bin Akbar Khan - 3rd place.

Shairil Farhana Ruslan - 6th place. Really fantastic performance considering the fact that you only had a few days to train and had to fly back from South Korea just the day before the competition.

Mohd Zarif Shafiq - 7th place. An amazing performance, as you are only in your first year (having just started part 2 of BLS). I have heard through the grapevine that you now have a fan club as you have been described as having that 'WOW' factor.


nabila'k said...

Assalamualaikum, HELLO! I have been told repeatedly that you mentioned me in the uitm moot blog. And i just had to check it out!:))..THANK YOU Very very much...

It was definitely a good experience for all of us, and I must add that Uitm people were all generally nice and humble. It was a great pleasure to go against
Shairil Farhana Ruslan..who is indeed a very sweet girl and a great mooter! I also went against Zarif and Hadi who i found to be pleasant opponents.:)

I wish all the best to you guys for Jessup. Sadly, Taylor's never participate for Jessup.

..good luck and make malaysia proud guys! selamat berpusas:)


waalaikumsalam nabila
i'm pleased to moot against you. It's such a great experience and hope can meet u again soon :)
make us proud for law asia in India! i know u can do the best. Send my regards to sue symm :)

Irwan Shah Abdullah said...

If you are really interested in doing Jessup, persuade your coach to register a team. I am sure he will gladly go the extra mile for you guys. Taylor's have taken part before in 2008. UiTM will be hosting the 2011 national rounds.