Saturday, 7 August 2010

Law Asia Moots 2010: Day 1 - Registration and Checking In

The team booked a bus from 'unit kenderaan' to travel to the Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration (KLRCA). Just as the bus was about to get on the Federal Highway, the clutch froze up and the smell of something burning permeated the bus. The driver stopped and called for a replacement bus. Ironically, the clutch was replaced just recently and unfortunately had to break down. The replacement bus arrived after a long wait. It was a small rickety mini bus and the whole team hopped on board.

Just as the mini bus reached the Batu Tiga toll along the Federal Highway, the driver received instructions to stop the bus. Apparently, the bus was old and probably could not take the stresses of being driven into Kuala Lumpur. A third bus was sent to pick up the team. This time, a UiTM stage bus was sent to rescue us. But his time, we had already missed the registration session. Miss Ummi and Puan Mazlina who wisely took the option of driving there in the comfort, luckily managed to get the organisers to waive registration for the team. By the time we reached KLRCA, it was 5.30 pm. It had taken us three hours to get from Shah Alam to Jalan Conlay.

After a brief word with Raphael Tay, the charismatic organising chairman of the Law Asia Moot, the team made its way to its base of operations, Citrus Hotel, situated along Jalan Raja Laut. The rooms in the hotel are 'cosy', i.e. you can substitute that with the word 'small' here. The service at the Squirrel Cafe was really slow and the food, over-priced for a hotel of this stature. Just a short note to myself, 'do not have dinner at that place again'.

The rooms were allocated as follows:
513 - Miss Shairil Farhana and Miss Arina Lum.
512 - Pn Mazlina Mahali and Miss Ummi Hani.
511 - En Muhammad Danial and En Azad Akbar Khan.
510 - Miss Siti Khodijah Hassan and Miss Alia Amran.
405 - En Muhammad Nurhadi and En Auzan Syaidi
315 - Your's truly and En Mohd Zarif Badrul
309 - En Izzat Asyraf and En Muhammad Khairil Khalid

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