Monday, 19 September 2011

UiTM Moot Club's Eidul Fitri Celebrations 2011

There was a carnival atmosphere in UiTM's Law School as the mooters celebrated Hari Raya 2011. In keeping with the club's reputation of also being a food club, the 'pot luck' mode of contribution resulted in too much food being available. For the first time in Moot Club history, there was food left over. Here are the pictures.

Even the senior mooters from the Jessup 2010 National Championship team showed up. Faez Razak is not around as he is now in King's College London doing his LL.M.

Here is some of the great food brought by various members of the club.




There were games after the first round of eating and the mooters worked off some of the weight gained.

At the end of the day, after multiple visits to the buffet table, there was still so much food left over. Therefore, the only thing left to do was to 'bungkus' and take it back home. Kodie (Moot Club President) and Hidayah (Moot Club Vice-President), led by example.

Photographer for the day: Marlyza


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