Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Last Training Session for IMLAM 2011

The Maritime Moot team is currently having its last training session before embarking for Singapore to take part in the competition tomorrow. As Singapore is just across the causeway, the team will be travelling there by bus.

In between moot rounds, the mooters have been munching on Marlysa Razak's (LawAsia 2011 Mooter) 'kek batik', exquisitely made with luxurious dark chocolate, and sandwiches by Ellena Razif.

For the record, the maritime team consists of:

1. The Claimant: Hannah Nasir (lead counsel), Ellena Razif (co-counsel) and Auzan Syaidi (bench counsel).

2. The Respondent: Zulfikri Ibrahim (lead counsel and team captain), Atiqah Razif (co-counsel) and Alia Amran (bench counsel and Best Mooter at IHL Moots, Malaysian National Rounds, 2010).